Wolverine Baseball in 2021

Mayumi Abts, Staff Reporter

Although Covid is still around, it has not stopped the baseball team from a successful start to their season. I have asked a couple of the baseball players how they felt about the team this year. Some of the answers were very different from each other.

Question One: Does Covid affect baseball games?

“Yes, we have to wear masks at the games, we have to drink individual water bottles, and we are not allowed to use the bus to travel to games” (Coach Boles).
“No, not really, except that we can’t use the bus and that sucks” (Michael Pigg).
“No” (Matthew Brookover).

Question Two: How is baseball different from last year?
“We are way better” (Trey Capdeboscq).
“It’s pretty much the same” (Matthew Brookover).

Question Three: How is our baseball team this year?

“We are talented but growing. We are still learning each other as players and coaches. The weather caused us to have to train indoors a lot and that affected our hitting in the first few games. It is all coming together and we are going to make a run at the state champions” (Coach Boles).
“It is coach’s 2nd year here we are able to communicate with him more comfortably and as players, we understand his practice and game routine” (Justin Diggs).
“Not doing good so far” (Matthew Brookover).
“Very good” (Trey Capdeboscq).
“Needs Work” (Michael Pigg).

Question Four: What do you think about the baseball team this year?

“We do not complicate things we just go out there have fun and play baseball, unlike the last few years that were filled with drama” (Justin Diggs).
“Although I haven’t been to a game, I heard the last game was pretty close, which makes me want to see the next game” (Emma Knight).
“Better communication” (Michael Pigg).
“We have some work to do” (Matthew Brookover).
“Yep” (Trey Capdeboscq).

I think that as they get closer with each other, they will become better, not only as baseball players but as people and individuals. After all is said and done, Go Wolverines!!