How to Change Your Oil

Todd Hammerstein, Staff Reporter

Step one : Checking your oil

You want to first start off with popping your hood on your vehicle. There will be a yellow hook somewhere near your engine that is called your dipstick. What you’re going to want to do is pull the dipstick out of the engine, and there should be two dots. Your oil should be in between those two dots and the oil should be an amber color.

Step two: Draining your oil

You want to locate your oil pan, which will be under your vehicle and next to your transmission and engine. There will be a drain plug in the oil pan, which is just a bolt. Then, you want to get a drain pan. You could get one from your local auto store. Next, you want to put the drain pan under the oil pan and pull that bolt out. Now there is going to be oil coming out pretty fast, so be careful. You may get oil on yourself. Once your oil is all out, you want to find your oil filter and take that off. It should just twist off: remember lefty loosey, righty tighty. There will be oil that comes out of there too. Take the leftover oil that is in your drain pan to the auto parts store. Most will take it from you for free. Just dumping the oil anywhere is highly illegal and can lead to big fines. Then you want to put your oil pan drain plug back in the oil pan.

Step Three: Putting new oil in.

You want to open your vehicle manual, and it will say what type of oil your vehicle takes and what type of oil filter you have put on. Once you get your oil filter, you are going to want to get some of your oil and put a little around the O-ring and screw it back on. Then, you want to fill your oil back up from your oil fill port on your engine with the correct amount of oil in your vehicle’s manual.

That’s all there is to it.