Festive Word Scramble!


Grace Sheffield, Writer

Christmas time has finally come! And so has the cold weather (Well, on some days). Take part in this festive word scramble, andddd there will be a prize for whoever gets all of them right! Just show your answers to Mrs. Ferchland anytime. Enjoy! 

Hint: these are all Christmas movies

  1. A stcrshmia olacr
  2. Het tasna uscla
  3. Eht lrpoa srexspe
  4. Mshrsicta hiwt het saknrk
  5. Oantlina olmpaos rsthciasm natovica
  6. Mhoe nleao
  7. Sta a deulfwnor flei
  8. A rhsmacits osytr
  9. Wno hte crhgri etsol shacirtmhs
  10. Pdoulhr het dre sdnoe eerigdner
  11. Ehralci wonrb achsrimts
  12. Ystrfo eth snawomn
  13. Evlo ctlalyua
  14. Hte ukctnrcaer
  15. Thwie mhrcaists