Girls Basketball Has Big Dreams


Adrianna Williams, Staff Reporter

Previous state champions, Northlake Lady Wolverines girls’ basketball have a goal to reach and a plan to reach it. The Lady Wolverines currently have a winning season and hope to end the season as winners.

“This team is closely bonded. We have our good days and our bad, but overall we know how to work together. The talent on this team is there, and we know how to use it,” said junior point guard Kyren Whittington.

With multiple games a week and playoffs right around the corner, the team has turned on a gameday mindset.

“When it comes down to it, I know everyone wants to go back to state and come out with a victory. Obviously we all want that, but we’re only going to get there by working hard and putting in the effort,” expressed Whittington.

Unfortunately, the Lady Wolverines will be losing four seniors (Jeana Bellan, Kaitlyn Walker, Lindsey Bouvier and KeraGrace Watts) at the end of this season. When asked how she felt about losing these key players, Whittington expressed how saddened the team was by it.

“Of course we don’t want them gone. Not only are they an essential part of the team, they’re our friends. We’ve all played together for years and for this to be the last is hard for all of us.”

Although these seniors will not be returning next year, the team still has strong players including, but not limited to, juniors Natalie Newberry and Kyren Whittington, and sophomore Nina Soraparu. The Lady Wolverines are ready to finish the season strong, hopefully taking it all the way, and then coming back next year to do the same.