Juniors take home win in annual powderpuff game


Emma Robison, Staff Reporter

On Thursday, Oct. 2, the annual powderpuff games took place at the Wolverine football field at 7:00 pm. Once again, the Juniors took the championship, winning against the seniors 13-0. The sophomores were knocked out in the first game against the juniors 29-7, and the freshman were out the second game, losing to the seniors.

Coaches for each grade, made up of senior boys, were proud of their players and the hard work they put in preparing for this night.

“I am so proud of how the team performed. Winning the championship was the highlight of my coaching career. I think I am going to retire with this one,” said head junior powderpuff coach Justus Windom.

Windom helped the junior class of 2020 take their second win in two consecutive years against the seniors, and he has already started recruiting coaches to take his place for next year.

The players also performed well for the team as some new rising stars turned the championship around. New starting defensive linebacker Junior Katherine Bilac, also known as Phat Kat, made some great tackles.

“I really felt as though I stepped up this year for the team. It feels good to be a 2 time champ and I thought we all did awesome,” said Bilac.

Junior Lillian Stegen, nicknamed ACT Prept, believed the Juniors really stepped up even though there were some inconveniences.

“It was wack how the other teams kept tying their flags and playing unfair. We only had 2 practices and really came together as a team. We deserved the win,” said Stegen

The players who tied their flags were often penalized by Coach Fontenot and Headmaster Glenn Martin, the refs who were watching them closely.

Students do not simply show up to the game and play, but put in weeks of practice to prepare for this much anticipated Homecoming tradition. Although all teams spent much time practicing, the freshman showed their commitment to training by practicing often at lunch and after school.

Regardless of the winner, powderpuff is typically a fun experience for each grade and sets the mood for the class cheers which take place the next day.

The juniors continued with their winning streak by taking home the class cheer win as well.

Seniors face and defeat freshmen during powderpuff game.


Sophomore powderpuff team smile after a tiring, but exciting game.


Coaches Avery Butler and Joshua Morel instruct the freshmen girls.