In the Know For Fall 2020

Maggie Herndon, Reporter

Student Council members talk about the future of Northlake’s seemingly on-hold activities. They answer questions such as: how will covid-19 restrictions affect events? Most importantly: what events can we even expect this year?

One of the biggest questions you’re all probably asking: is anything happening this year? And when? This fall, as we expected, we will have restrictions on activities because of Covid-19. The Upper School Council members are currently waiting for certain restrictions to be lifted for us to be able to do more events. They’re also waiting for the okay from the governor to include more events. They will be planning around the events so that we can adhere to regulations.

“Of course we want to plan homecoming, senior nights, and all these big days” explained Student Council President, Jackson Fontanille. “But, it’s really uncertain at this time until the governor approves big gatherings”

There is a bright spot in the uncertainty. We will have a Homecoming! Leadership is planning on having all the homecoming events, even if they have to happen later in the school year.

“We will have homecoming, whether it be in the fall or in the spring. It might be a little unconventional as far as what sports season we will have it. We want to keep all the homecoming traditions.” says Jackson.

Unfortunately, the back to school bash was canceled. However, some thought has gone into new events, like a drive-in movie that would allow us to social distance while also doing something fun. Another could be an alternative to a dance, such as a party with activities and games.

“We were supposed to have a back to school bash a couple of weeks ago that we all had planned out with blowups, food, snowballs, and all kinds of fun stuff, ” explains Council member,
Hannah West.”Then the week of, we were told we couldn’t because there were just too many people in one place.”

The council members are working to incorporate small things into the school days this year, like free dress days and advisory activities. They want to create fun activities for the student body and make the year enjoyable.

Something the Council wants people to know is that they are open to ideas from the student body! If you have a cool idea for an activity/event that you think would be cool for the school to do, let them know.