Words of Wisdom from Class of 2019

Halle McKenzie, Reporter

Kathryn Broussard

“Don’t put too much pressure on academics and invest in your friendships wisely. It’s important to be intentionally selfless in your friendships. Check up on them and pray for them in they areas they’re struggling with. For most people, your high school friends are just in those four years so you have to make sure that the friends you choose during this time are solidifying your foundation in Christ before you step into the next season of life.”

Harry Fontenoy

“Be smart with your attitude and your decisions. Be kind to everyone and you’ll have a happier time. Also get to know your teachers and administrators so that y’all can be tight once senior year starts and you’re friends.”


Justus Windom pictured right.

Justus Windom

“Challenge yourself no matter the consequences as it will set yourself up for future success.”

Ashley Whelan pictured right.

Ashley Whelan

“Some words of wisdom I would give to current students is to not be in a rush to graduate or move on. In the grand scheme of things, high school is such a small percentage of your life so you should really value every moment that you spend there because it’ll fly by. Something I might have done differently in high school would maybe be making more of an effort to have a good balance between my school and social life. I think at times I was so focused on getting good grades that I overlooked the fact that although high school is about your academics, it’s also about having a fun and memorable experience with your friends.”